Untitled design-2.pngCheck out the Peer Advisors so you can recognize them on campus! They love to share their experiences and will help you with anything you need!

Untitled design-3Central America

Ebony Kennedy (Managua, Nicaragua) 

Untitled design-5.pngUnited Kingdom

Christine Clancy (Sussex, England)

Holly Salois (Oxford, England) 

Ning Rong (Oxford, England) 

Whitney Pettersen (London, England)

Maddy Morrison (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Untitled design-6Europe


Connor O’Keefe (Athens, Greece)

Ebony Kennedy (Granada, Spain) 

Jren Blackwell (Berlin, Germany) 

Keaton Schrank (Ferrara, Italy)

Carina Sclafani (Stockholm, Sweden)

Kyra Schwartzman (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Untitled design-7Africa

Jeremy Holt (Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa)

Ebony Kennedy (Ghana)

Untitled design-8Australia and New Zealand

Catrina Oberg (Auckland, New Zealand) 

Kira Olander (South Island of New Zealand)

Monica Ouellette (Wollongong, Australia) 

Morgan Delahunt (Auckland, New Zealand)

Holly Salois

Peer Advisor Coordinator